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What Do I Do FIRST to Get My Permit/License?

1. Learner's permit

Take a written test, hold your permit for at least six months (180 days), and complete a South Carolina DMV approved driver training course. (Aiken Driving School is a South Carolina DMV approved driver training school)

2. Conditional license

If you are 15/16, you must pass the driver's education course, complete at least 40 hours of driving practice, with at least 10 hours during darkness, and be supervised by your licensed parent or guardian

3. Full unrestricted license

Drive with your conditional license for a year, and you'll receive your full unrestricted license

Before Your Driver Education Class

Few things to know and bring before class.

1. If you are 15, 16, and 17 years of age, BRING YOUR PARENTS!

Parents-we will have a 10 minute presentation starting exactly at 9am, so parents DON'T drop your teen off and leave!

2. Bring your permit! Get in the habit of carrying it everywhere you go!

3. LUNCH-Bring $5.00 for pizza, drinks and snacks! You can pay your $5.00 in advance through Cash App. (Please indicate students name) $ADSSafedriver (You can also bring your own lunch)

4. Lastly-Be on time. SCDMV requires the class starts on time! Once class starts we cannot allow students to join the class. Please be on time!

About the driving test

Do you offer the DMV road test?

Yes, we offer the DMV road test but you must make an appointment 48 hours in advance. These spots fill quickly.


Do you pick me up from home, school, or work to perform the road test?

No, we pick up and drop off for the driving sessions ONLY (We don't pick you up on test day)

Do the parents need to be there on test day?

Yes, if your teen is 15,16,or 17 years of age. The parent must be in attendance. DON'T DROP YOUR TEEN OFF AND LEAVE.

How does the DMV road test with the driving school work?

After testing with the driving school, you will be issued some paper work when you pass, then you take that paper work to the DMV to get your picture made, take the eye test and get your new license.

Do I have to make an appointment to go to the DMV after testing with the driving school?

No, an appointment is not required. But don't go in a hurry, the DMV reserves the right to re-test any of our students, and they do so randomly.

Does the DMV re-test students who have already tested with a driving school?

They do not re-test regularly, but they do reserve the right to re-test any students and will do so randomly.


About Licensing

What does the state of SC require of it's drivers?

All 15 & 16 year old drivers are required to take a SC State Certified drivers education course, that includes 8 hours classroom instruction, 6 hours behind the wheel instruction with a SC Certified driving instructor. The 15 & 16 year old students must also have their permit for 180 days, and log 40 hours of behind the wheel practice time with a licensed driver 21 years or older.

What is the minimum age to get a drivers license?

SC Issues a drivers "permit". The minimum age is 15.

Is the student required to have a valid permit to take the drivers education course?

No. The student is not required to have a valid permit to take the classroom portion of the training. But, the behind the wheel lessons they must have a valid permit to practice.

Does the student have to re-take the permit test when it expires and I need to renew it?

No, you just go to the DMV and renew the permit. The cost is $2.50 at the SCDMV.

How long does the learners permit last?

One year after issue date.

What age can the student get a regular drivers license?

You must have a beginners permit for 180 days no matter what age you are. At 15 you will have a beginners permit also known as the provisional conditional license. If the student remains at a "no fault accident free", the license will automatically become a graduated license. No need to go back to the DMV until you have taken your road test or you take the road test with Aiken Driving School.

Do I have to go back to the DMV to switch my permit to a regular license?

No, you only have to go to the DMV 2 times in the licensing process. One time to take your permit test, and then again to get your regular license.

Is there a driving test when I take my permit test?

The permit test is the ONLY written test at the DMV. (Some call it a knowledge test as well)

About The Drivers Education Program

What is involved in the drivers education program?

Drivers education program is 8 hours of classroom instruction, normally completed in one day on Saturdays. Check website for updates to classroom dates. Then the behind the wheel instruction is scheduled as three-2 hour sessions, and the SC Road test. (Test are usually scheduled on Sundays)


Not to worry! Our instructors are patient and understanding of new drivers. They will teach the students step by step maneuvers to be successful.

Does the drivers ed car have a special brake on the passenger side?

YES, all properly equipped drivers education vehicles are required to have an "instructor brake" on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Do you pick me up from school, work or home for my behind the wheel training?

Yes, as long as the location is within our service area.

Is there a registration fee to sign up for the course?

Yes, fee is due at time of registration.

How do we make an appointment to take the behind the wheel training?

If you are enrolled in the Driver Education course. It will take 2-3 weeks before you see a schedule. We will send your driving schedule by email or text, the schedule will be according to your availability.

I play sports and work, how will I get my behind the wheel training?

We will work around any schedule.

Can I make payments for the course?

Yes we do accept payments for the course. Click link to see payment plans.

Permit Test Q&A and Content

What is the minimum age I can get my drivers permit?

You can get your drivers permit at age 15.

What do I have to do to get my permit?

Study the DMV Drivers handbook, and call Aiken Driving School to register for our SC Permit prep class ( OR go to the DMV to take the permit test.

How much does it cost to take the permit test?

  • If you take the  permit prep class and test with Aiken Driving School the cost is $50.00

  • If you take the permit test with the DMV the cost is $2.50 (No Prep Class)


What can I do with a permit?

You can drive a licensed vehicle as long as a licensed driver, who is 21 years or older is in the front passenger seat with you.

Am I allowed to drive out of state with my SC Permit?

State laws vary. Please contact the police department in the state where you will be traveling/driving to make sure it is legal for you to drive with a SC permit.

My permit was lost or stolen. How do I get a replacement?

You will have to visit the DMV to get your permit replaced.

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